Why Super Charge your gut? It’s simple really. 

Your gut is central to whatever health goals you have. Weight loss starts in the gut. Healthy hair, skin and nails - the gut. Low in energy? A clean, efficient gut will help that! Bloating, feeling full and gassy? Gut, gut, gut.

Love Your Gut powder from Supercharged Food is Australia’s number 1 natural gut health product. It’s like an internal plumber for your insides. 

Love Your Gut is the highest food-grade diatomaceous earth sourced exclusively from the USA. It gently helps clean your digestive system from the built-up waste, plaque, mucous, parasites and bad bacteria. These elements make you gut less efficient and nutrients harder to absorb.

Golden Gut has the gut health benefits of Love Your Gut diatomaceous earth plus a blend of anti-inflammatory (and delicious) spices. It’s so versatile - use as a latte, on breakfast cereals, scrambled eggs - you name it!

So if you have a gut give it some supercharging and love the results.



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